What our Clients, Captains and Crew say

Lisa Delaney

M/Y Mrs D ex Owner

Cornerstone took away the tedious task of dealing with crew queries on salaries, entitlements etc. When you arrive on your boat, it's the last thing you want to face but thanks to Ewan and Cornerstone, staff were paid efficiently, and promptly and correctly, as if by fairies........ Thank you Cornerstone. Superb service.

Serhat Yalcin

Yacht Captain

I have been happy by Cornerstone's reactivity in replying to my numerous emails and questions, always providing insightful answers to subjects as diverse as retirement, site use, regulations... I really appreciate having a preferential contact person which allows me to talk to someone who knows my historic details. It avoids repetition and time loss.

Nick Smith

M/Y Eleni Captain

One of the better analogies I have heard about running a superyacht is of the Swan... On top of the water there is elegance, grace and beauty and yet beneath the water there are two webbed feet paddling like crazy just to keep up appearances. This is true of the behind the scenes work that goes into a well-run Superyacht.

We have been working with the team at Cornerstone since the owner purchased the yacht in 2016 and they are an integral part of the management machine that keeps M/Y Eleni running smoothly. The crew are the heart of the yacht however, as a Captain, they can also be the most challenging part of the yacht to manage. With the service and support of Cornerstone we are assured that all legislative obligations are met and our crew are paid on time. This part of our operation requires very little input from me and I thoroughly enjoy working with Ewan and the team. I recommend them highly for any yacht looking to have a professional company as part of their Yacht Management Team.

William Lunn

M/Y Mine Captain

Ewan and Patrick at Cornerstone Crew Management have been fantastic at keeping the crew and myself up to date and well informed with all administrative and employment matters. They have been most helpful and supportive when various out of the box situations have arisen and very professional when it comes to helping with solutions to any problems. I most certainly recommend them and would encourage anyone looking for the services that they provide to use them. They are very personable and easy to work with.

JM Germa

S/Y Crossbow Owner

Having worked with Cornerstone since early 2015, I can say that we have always had good experiences. Cornerstone have helped to make the legal and financial relationships between employer and employee, a smooth and simple process. Both the setup, and on-going maintenance is a seamless task. Payments are always made on time, without fail, and any queries are answered promptly; usually within the hour. We will continue to work with Cornerstone long in to the future and would be happy to recommend them either to Captains, or to owners.

Xavier van Elst

M/Y Talila Captain

Cornerstone have provided an accurate, precise and on-time payroll service to our yacht. Pleasure to work with, thank you.

Roy Wadeson

Ex-Captain, Solitaire of Surama

We employed Cornerstone Crew Management to look after the payroll and issues around contracts, legislation etc. I found Ewan & Patrick to be very efficient, always available, timely and accurate. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their services for any Captain who wants to remove this particular headache from the administrative quagmire that can be Crew Management. I am sure we will be using their services on our next boat...

Paola D'Alberton

Studio Legale Duca - Maritime & Transport Law

Both the Client and our law firm appreciated your kindness and professional attitude and we will definitely recommend you to our colleagues and our clients.

Pete McKee

M/Y Mrs D ex Captain

We worked with Cornerstone for crew management and salaries. They were friendly, reliable, diligent and professional in all matters and were always willing to go a step further to help crew and ensure that the yacht continued to run smoothly. I would recommend the Cornerstone team without hesitation to Captain's and owners alike.

Captain James Fiske

60M Expedition Yacht

I've worked with Ewan and Patrick at Cornerstone for a year now. They have been excellent members of the wider team that provides support to the yacht to enable us to function efficiently. Crew payroll each month is easy with the bulk of the work done by Ewan and Patrick. Leave reporting is easy and leave balance checks take minutes not hours. When it comes to issuing SEA for new crew or signing off departing crew their ability to turn around requests for documents is reassuring. They respond 7 days a week. I have come to value their feedback and knowledge on all matters relating to crew employment. I can certainly recommend them to other yachts...